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DTM latex paint on anodized aluminum surface


During the construction of our new facility the anodized aluminum window frames were scarred up due to many removals and re-installs. My general contractor has committed to re-finishing the frames by painting them with a "direct to metal" latex paint applied by brush. No preparation of the surface has been done except wipe down with a rag. My question is will this paint work?

Joe DePlacito
systems integrator - Savannah, GA, USA


I also need to know what type of paint or procedures are involved in repainting anodized aluminum. I live in a town-home with two balconies made of anodized aluminum. The color is black. The unit is almost 20 years old, and the black color is coming off the aluminum. What do I require in preparation and type of paint to repaint my balconies. The entire community has the same problem.

Thank you for your quick response.

Karen Lee Wentzel
- Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA

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