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Painting of aluminum slide-in camper


I bought a 70 s cabover slide in camper, my question is what kind of paint should I use to paint the exterior? I know you can purchase a paint at home depot to paint aluminum exterior or should I use a standard car paint to paint the exterior of my camper? And do they make a car paint that will work with aluminum.


hobbyist - VISTA, CALIF, USA



I have the same question as letter 28839 and would like to know which paint to use and how to prepare the surface for painting.

Michael Gupton
- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

July 12, 2009

I have same question as # 28839

tim frazier
- gate city Virginia

July , 2009

Hi, guys. It wasn't clear to me whether this is aluminum that has already been painted, or raw aluminum. When something has already been painted, you want to leave that pretreatment and primer in place, and just clean the surface well, very lightly sand it if glazed, and paint it with any paint suitable for an automobile.

Raw aluminum that has never been painted requires pretreatment. My understanding is that ideal would be Alumiprep 33 and Alodine 1201, but these involve hazardous materials, so they are for the more experienced. Second best is a Zinc Chromate Primeramazoninfo (still hazardous). For general amateur use on aluminum, a Zinc Phosphate Primeramazoninfo would be best. After the pretreatment or prime coat, you can use automotive paint. Good luck.


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Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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