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DI Water compatibility


Is there a list of materials that are recommended for use when designing a system that will be recirculating DI water.

Gregory Kremer
Paint Temperature Control - Romeo, Michigan, USA


A lot of that depends on what the purity of your "DI" is. For ultra pure, teflon is the only practical material. As you get to a lower purity, other plastics are frequently used. PVC is used by many at the 1 meg ohm purity. Thicker plastics that can be threaded (and not break regularly) are preferred by many to the use of PVC glued joints. The volatiles in the glue leach out for a long period. Plastics that are weldable is another approach. For low purity, Stainless steel is acceptable. Copper and galvanized are a no-no.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

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