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Refining pure silver from 90% silver coin


Here is my situation. I have seen electrolyte batch for 500 usd for recovery of pure silver from at least 90% silver compounds. I have a lot of 300 ounces of 90% pre 1964 USA silver dimes, quarters and such. I wish to refine it into silver for possible melting later. could anyone give me a pointer please on building a machine like this? thank you very much

Sergei Vi
hobby - Los Angeles, California, USA


I am virtually sure that this is illegal, Sergei; but I would suggest that you check before you waste a lot of time and money on it.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


You have such a small amount of silver, it would be a waste of money to set up a silver cell. I would suggest going to a gold/silver dealer and trading your coins for 999.5 or 999.9 fine silver bars or bullion coins. Call several and compare for the best deal.

Chris Owen
- Houston, Texas


Silver is silver and is worth its melt value. (check out bullion dealers or like sites for current melt values)

Don't worry about it, save what you can for when TSHTF.

I like 90% silver coins and .999 silver bars...(999.9 or whatever the previous poster was saying makes no sense.)

Buy silver at no more than fifty cents more than its melt value, "spot," and store it for the long term. You won't be sorry.

Jason Truman
- Levittown, Pennsylvania

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