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Analysis of Tin Plating Bath Solution


Dear Sirs,

I am trying to find methods of analysis of a Tin Plating bath solution which consists of: Na2Sno3 3H2O =70 gr/l, NaOH= 11 gr/l,and lCH3COONa=22 gr/l. I have to determine the concentration of Tin Stannate (Na2SnO3 3H2O) (gr/l) and Free Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH)(gr/l)in the above solution. Please, suggest to me methods.

Thanking in advance,

Fotini Kiriakou
Chemical Lab - Tanagra, Viotia, Greece


Dear friend,

You have to take 5 ml of bath solution add to it 5 ml conc. HCl and 5 ml starch indicator and titrate it against 0.1 N Iodine solution. Multiply B.R. by 1.187 you will get the GPL of Stannous.

Onkar Kulkarni
- Pune, Maharashtra, India


Dear friend

I would like to thank you for your response to the first part of my question, determination of Sodium Stannate. I would really appreciate if you or anybody else could give me a method for the second part of my question that is the determination of Free Sodium Hydroxide in the Tin Plating Solution Bath.

Thank you again,

Fotini Kiriakou
- Tanagra, Viotia, Greace


dear Fotini

mix 10 ml of vat sample with 50 ml Cl2Ba (10%) and few drops of thymolphtalein indicator. titrate with N hydrochloric acid to blue end point.

Titre x 4.00 =g/l free NaOH

PS:due to absorption of the indicator by precipitate,add few extra spot of indicator in half way of titration.

hadi khosravi
- tehran iran

First of two simultaneous responses -- ++++

Dear Onkar Kulkarni,

I use the method you suggest for the tin stannic salts but add a nickel catalyst to the tin and HCl and boil to a receiving vessel for 40 mins and titrate as your method. This is time consuming but does work is your method comparable with mine? as I will try you method out

Many thanks,

Ian Jones
- Wrexham

Second of two simultaneous responses -- ++++

Dear Hadi, thanks a lot for your response to my question. It will help me very much.

Have a good day.

Fotini Kiriakou
- Tanagra, Greece

November 5, 2012appended

Q. How to do analysis for tin plating solution to find out tin metal, tin sulphate, sulphuric acid?

Prajkta Tapare
student - Ahmednagar, India

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