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What is Galvanneal?

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What is Galvanneal and I need a MSDS. I need to know because I am employed at a steel mill and the boss is asking about this product.

Sylvia M. McCain
Buyer in Purchasing - Roanoke, Virginia, USA


Galvanneal is a hot-dip zinc coating applied to steel. It is similar to hot-dip galvanizing but is specifically designed for steel that will subsequently be painted, such as the rocker panels and other corrosion sensitive areas on cars.

If your mill sends the steel out for galvannealing, the shop that applies the galvannealing should supply you with the MSDS. If you do the galvannealing in house, you need to generate that MSDS yourself. Your mill surely has a position equivalent to Director of Safety and Environment. That person should be able to help you.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


Galvanneal is the same as galvanized except it has iron alloyed with the zinc in the dipping bath.

Ronald Zeeman
Coil Coating - Brampton, ON, Canada


An (liquid) zinc Bath alloyed with 10 % iron is impossible. Galvannealed steel strip is produced from Galvanized steel strip via an strip heating (500 °C for some seconds) , where iron diffuses into the zinc (and vice versa).

Alexansder Jarosik
- Linz, Austria

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