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Removal of gold plate/wash from sterling silver jewelry


I have previously worked in the steel industry as a purchasing agent with a basic knowledge of metallurgy but very little knowledge of plating finishes.

My wife has what appears to be a gold plated sterling silver necklace. The item is approximately one-quarter inch wide and is a continuous solid piece bent into a "U" shape. One side is coated in a gold tone. The "wash" (it's not a very thick coating) is beginning to wear off.

I'm looking for a commercially available cleaning solution that will remove the coating from the silver but that won't scratch or mar the underlying silver surface.

I'd appreciate any help or direction in this matter.

Joe Wilusz
Former purchasing agent for cold rolled steel strip manufacturer and current consumer - Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA


Wanted to follow up on the question that was asked. Can a gold wash be removed easily and safely from sterling silver jewelry? And if so,what is the process,how long will it take,what is the cost?


Tina Udelson
- Los Angeles, California

February 25, 2008

I wouldn't remove the gold wash/gold plating if I were you. It will decrease the value of the piece. There really isn't any reason to take it off. I have (accidentally) taken off the gold wash on a piece of sterling silver by simply polishing it with Wright's Silver Creamamazoninfo.

Once again, don't take the gold wash off. It's supposed to be there (to protect against corrosive foods/liquids) and it adds value.

George Forman
- Atlanta, Georgia, United States

June 26, 2008

Brassoamazoninfowill take it right off. I just learned this myself. Have a gold plated lighter thats nearly as old as I am, want to do the same thing.

Frank Hansen
- Porter, Texas

December 5, 2008

I tried the Wright's Silver cream to remove gold plating from sterling silver and it didn't work. I haven't tried the Brasso yet.

Victoria Roberts
- Centralia, Missouri, USA

July 15, 2010

I tried the Brasso on my bracelet and it worked well. It didn't take of all the gold but 90 percent of it and did a much better job than most of the other stuff I tried. Doesn't seem to affect the CZ's at all either, which is good :) Thanks

Dinah Hurst
- Cary, North Carolina, USA

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