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Silver Plating bright bath help



I have a bright watts nickel plating bath. And I want to put above the bright nickel a bright layer of silver. I have a normal opaque silver plating bath. (40 gr/L of silver chloride AND 42 gr/L of potassium cyanide) My problem is that this silver bath doesn't electroplating over the nickel and the second problem is that the silver deposit is opaque. I need a bright silver plating bath formula. What is used like silver brightener ? Which chemicals are silver brighteners ? And what silver plating bath I need?

Please All help is welcome. (I am a owner of a electro plating shop in my country. Uruguay.)

Chrisitian Ceratonio
plating shop owner - Montevideo, URUGUAY

First of three simultaneous responses -- ++++

Dear Ceratonio,

First of all why do you want to make your own plating chemicals? I advise you to buy from USA, Germany and in INDIA reputable companies--they will give you better support and you will feel easier using the baths. There are many company listed in

How much thickness do you want to plate of silver and on which metal do you want to apply it?

As for myself, I was doing like this, making plating chemicals, but when it starts becoming a problem it is very hard to solve and takes time.

Good luck,

Dipen Pattni
jeweler/goldsmith - Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

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I have never used Silver Chloride to make up a Cyanide Silver plating bath. Common sense tell me that if anything other than Silver Cyanide is used, we could generate Poisonous Hydrogen Cyanide. I would avoid using Silver Cyanide, and check to see if your bath formula has accidentally put the incorrect nomenclature into the bath makeup.

Regarding the brightening of the deposits, I can suggest that you search out a reputable manufacturer of Silver plating brighteners. They have invested much time and money developing better systems than most platers would ever make on their own. Also, you have the factor that they would help you technically, if there was a plating problem. We all know that this happens in even the best managed plating shops.

Ed Budmanbudman signature
Ed Budman
- Pennsylvania

Third of three simultaneous responses -- ++++

Dear friend:

Your problem is due to lack of cyanide content in your silver bath, also you can use silver potassium cyanide(double salt)it is better , you can use any Ni activator before silver plating,to have good adhesion,after , you can use sodium dichromate 75g/l DI H2O and plate for 1-2min, you will get good silver colour.



I've had the same problem with my silver bath. my problem begun when the silver brightener (Arguna 1 and 2) I was using is suddenly not available. I've had trouble finding a suitable replacement for this product.
My advice to you is find if there is any of this deGussa product in your country and use it.Very good quality product.
Maybe we can help each other and I welcome advice and tips from others.

Gits Malou Diaz
- Bulacan, Phillipines

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