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Galvanic corrosion prevention in medical equipment


We have a pneumatic moor design with Titanium and 6061-T6 Al in contact. We are concerned about galvanic corrosion of the aluminum. Al and Ti have a .6V difference in Anodic Index. (.25V is recommended for "normal" environments, .5V for controlled environments.) The tolerances on the Aluminum part are such that we can't anodize them and be assured of holding the tolerances required. Will an Iridite / Alodine coating protect the aluminum from galvanic corrosion. The parts will be in contact with air/ hydraulic oil mist and intermittant exposure to 270 degree steam during autoclaving.

Douglas A. Perry
medical equipment engineer - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA


Chem conv. (Alodine) finishes don't hold up well at elevated temperatures ... recommended max temperature in Mil-C-5541 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet] is 60 °C.

Fred Nicol
- Mason, Ohio, USA

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