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Where to get government approval TT-C-490 for zinc phosphate


I need to know where/who I send completed zinc phosphated test panels for approval per TT-C-490 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet]. We want to start using a vendor who does E-coating (Mil P-53084 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet]) but we first must have Government approval on the Zinc phosphate. I already have contacted Aberdeen Proving Ground, and they only test the product not the process.

Steve O deleted
Metal Manufacture - Olean, New York


This is a "quality systems" issue. The government doesn't provide you with a list of "approved" have to establish control are a direct government supplier. If you are a subcontractor to one of the big defense or aerospace contractors, they may have a "qualified supplier list" for the "special processes", including testing and materials laboratories. The bottom line is that you have to read your contract for the QA requirements, flow-down requirements to your subcontractor (e.g., lab), and provide some sort of "assurance" for compliance....receiving-inspection, on-site audit, customer approved source or something your quality system defines for "subcontractor control: in the "purchasing" system if you run a ISO9000 style shop QA system.

Douglas A. Hahn
aerospace - Crestview, Florida, USA

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