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How to create a chrome-like polish on machined aluminum


I am trying to get a chrome looking finish on machined aluminum. I have been sanding the scratches out using a more to less coarse sanding block, but just can't seem to get a consistent finish on the ENTIRE part. If anyone could help on the type of sandpaper and or the procedure to follow in order to accomplish a mirror/Chrome finish

David Recon
3D scanning - San Mateo, California


Start with sandpaper around 220. Then, change to finer paper every time down to 1500 or preferably 2000. In every change you must cross at 90 deg to the previous pattern and verify no trace is left from it. After that a polishing paste on a piece of felt or cotton will leave a bright finish. This is far more quickly said than done. Takes long hours.

Guillermo Marrufo
Monterrey, NL, Mexico

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