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How Do I Seal or Protect a Copper Sink?



I purchased a hand-hewn copper sink in Mexico. I was told I could buy in US a marine varnish called Polyfor 369 de alta avarencia. I was to put a coat on, let sit in hot sun, repeat in 24 hours. It was to protect the copper from turning colors. I have been unable to find any such product. It is time to remodel, and I don't have the sink ready. Please, does anyone have any suggestions or directions.

Thank you.

Carol Sdeleted
- Tacoma, Washington


What can be used to seal a copper kitchen sink to prevent it from changing colors.

Tony Mdeleted
homeowner - Etown, Kentucky


If you want to seal copper from additional oxidation patina, I would recommend the following product:

Permalac. You can purchase this product by the gallon or in spray form from Peacock Laboratories.

Paul Sacco
- Dallas, Texas


We have a beautiful copper bowl sink which immediately tarnishes when a drop of water hits it. What products would you recommend to protect it? Now, it requires copious amounts of polishing daily...not a good thing. Whatever we put on it would have to be able to withstand warm to hot water.

Patricia Dirlam
hobbyist - Franklin, Tennessee

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