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Restoring a cast iron bathtub


I have an antique French cast enamel bath which need restoring. I can detect no faults in the enamel but there has been a build-up over the decades of calcium deposit. Is it possible to remove this without re-surfacing the enamel and if so - how?

Many thanks,

Jane Barnes
- ST JEAN D'ANGELY, Charente-Maritime, FRANCE


Yes. look at buying a box of 'Abralon 180' hand pads. These will remove almost all bath stains without damaging the surface; only use wet.

J. Haggar
resurfacing - England


I too have an old antique bath in France which needs to be re surfaced. It seems that there isn't anyone down there who can do it for me so I may have to do it myself. I work with plastics and resins but have no idea as to how successful these resurfacing kits actually are. If anyone knows or has any handy tips, like buy two tins from this company rather than another. I'd be grateful to know.

Georgia Boyle
- London


I have an old cast iron bath, the enamel is very good but stained from being stood in a field. Does anyone have any suggestions about how restore these beautiful objects?

Tanya Archer
Consumer - Marciac, FRANCE

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