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Need Chrome plating on plastic

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Please help!

I'm trying to put a metallic finish (chrome like) on some plastic parts. This is a custom job and is not for a large production, just for myself.

Its been difficult to find anybody who know how to do it. I was originally told that vacuum metallizing would be best, but at a minimum price of $1000.00 for a few small parts its not cost effective. Then I was told powder coat would be best, but I've heard that the parts must be baked at high temp. High temp may melt plastic parts, or will it? Also I've heard of conductive coatings.

What is the best and cheapest way to put a chrome finish on plastic? No spray paint suggestions please. I want a real chrome look to my plastic parts, like the chrome finish on a plastic car grill.

Can anybody guide me to a company who can do this type of custom work?

Please help,

Ryan Arashi
- Gold Run, California

Ed. note: The chrome you see on car grills is real chrome electroplating on plastic, Ryan. It is a complicated process, so it is not cheap, but it may be affordable. Yes, it is also possible to use vacuum metalized finishes or chrome-look paint if you can settle for somewhat lower durability or reflectivity.

The following advertisers offer decorative chrome plating on plastic service:

 M&M Metalizing Sales [Westminster, CA] -- chrome-like vacuum metallizing
Plating Technologies [Warren, MI] -- chrome electroplating
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