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Bonding of Vulkanized Rubberized Fabric with Fiberglass


We need adhesives for joining following subtrates

a) Vulcanized neoprene coated fabric to vulcanized neoprene coated fabric
b)Vulcanized neoprene coated fabric to fiber glass substrates

We need to adhere two surfaces from vulcanized neoprene coated fabric and fiber glass product.

Manzoor Hussain Nadeem
Samad Rubber works(Pvt.)Ltd. - Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Without knowing your application it's hard to determine what you're trying to do but a decent industrial grade contact adhesive with adequate surface preparation on the fibreglass should do the trick.

Jeremy Gray
- Melbourne, Australia


Dear Sir,

We need to manufacture an inflatable Boat With Fiber Glass Base i,e " Inflatable Boat With RIGID HULL KEEL" Where Neoprene Rubberized Fabric will be bonded with Fiber glass Base. Please advise .

Manzoor Hussain Nadeem
a rubber works - Lahore

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