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How to remove oil based paint overspray from an automobile paint finish


I work for an industrial maintenance company who specializes in epoxy floor installations, primary and secondary containment, confined space entry for industrial coating applications, etc. On a project last week, we were spraying an afterburner w/ industrial oil base enamel. Unfortunately,the overspray got on my truck, (my mistake I know better.) Other then using a strong solvent such as xylene, which will take it off, is there any thing else I can use to remove it that's not as hot of a solvent. The xylene does take off the over spray, but also removes some of the finish, I tried it.Finally, I realize I will most likely have to buff the truck after the overspray is removed.


Mark Ogle
- Cambridge, Ohio


If the coating has not cured, isopropol alcohol may work. It will not harm the automotive finish.

Ronald Zeeman
Continuous Colour Coat - Brampton, ON, Canada

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