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Durability of oil-rubbed bronze finish


I recently installed some cabinet knobs with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. To my dismay, the finish on some of these knobs easily rubbed off on wet fingers leaving my hands stained. Is this typical of this type of finish?

Edward L Eilbeck
- Henderson, Nevada, USA


Yes, this is very common with this finish. Many don't understand that a true oil-rubbed bronze (US10B) finish is supposed to wear in this manner, appearing worn and "old" in a short period of time after original installation. This is often desired on older buildings, and even newer ones that want a "warmer" feel to them.

T.J. Gottwalt, AHC/CDC, CSI, CDT
Architectural Hardware - New Haven, Connecticut, USA


I am an interior designer. I recently specified an oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet for a client's remodel. In doing some research my client found a group of people very dissatisfied with this particular finish because it wore off. I am suspect that what they had was a manufactured and applied O.R.B. finish - not the real thing. Now, I know natural things patina - a good thing. I can't seem to find the parameters for what makes a good oil rubbed bronze product and what are the fake or applied finishes that will wear off? Can someone knowledgable tell me what to look for and what avoid?

Karen Herstowski
- Suwanee, Georgia, USA

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