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Building a gas fired convection oven for powdercoating


I was using a brick oven to cure my powder coating which were small items. Now the project is expanding and I need to build a new oven. I cannot use electricity, as that commodity is very expensive it was suggested that I use lpg (liquid petroleum gas) so I need to build a gas fired convection oven. I have worked the size as being 8'H*6'W*8'D or 384 cubic feet. Mow my dilemma is this where do I put the fire box(area with the burners) at the bottom of the oven area or to the back and where do I put the ducting for the fan, top of the oven to the front/top of the oven to the back, and how wide do I make the ducting. Looks like I need more than 1 fan. Lastly what would you recommend to line the interior of the oven area, high temp paint or....,I have used 1/8" thick mild steel to make the oven area already cannot afford stainless steel please help in the poor man's way as possible. I've just really started.

Patrick Robinson
- Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica


I would like plans on building a gas oven for curing powder coating. thanx

Jim Claypool
- Frazeysburg, Ohio

December 4, 2008

Is there any plans for the gas fired oven talked about in this article? If so how or who do I need to speak with?

Stan Krieger
- Stella, North Carolina

December 9, 2008

Hi, gentlemen. I strongly recommend "Powder Coating" by Roger Talbert -- a 141-page softcover published by Chemical Coaters Association International, Cincinnati ( It has a 10-page chapter about curing ovens, with sketches, as well as info about dry-off ovens. It is not a set of plans, but it is invaluable and it clearly explains the features that should be included in each type of oven and why.

You will probably also find letter 33629 informative.

Good luck.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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