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What type of media for sandblasting aluminum prior to powdercoating


Q. Hello,

I have some aluminum motorcycle parts that will be powdercoated. I am planning of sandblasting the parts. What is the best type and grit of media that should be used.


Howard Wolek
- Morris Plains, New Jersey, United States


A. Well you should start off with a rough media such as sand or "Black Beauty"[linked by editor to product info at Amazon] , then move to a more fine media such as glass. This ensures your paint will stick to the aluminum's surface with ease instead of peeling.

Nick Cagle
- Galveston, Texas


A. Aluminum Oxide is my favorite for doing aluminum parts, but black beauty will work just fine if you use the 30-60 product(extra fine) and keep the pressure low to prevent distortion (read-warpage). I do not use glass beads as this product is not angular, and will only peen the surface, not etch. A uniform etch will provide superior surface area for the powder to adhere.


Eric A. Tulenko
sandblasting - Clifton, New Jersey

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