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Grinding a tight corner on motorcycle frame


I just bought a Dremelamazoninfo tool to polish my kaw-zx6r. I have sanded the main frame but there is this one part of the frame next to the foot peg rest that I don't know what to grind it down with. It's a really rough spot.....also when I use the polishing cloth wheel, every time I actually touch the frame with it the dremel will keep spinning but the cloth wheel stops ...does anyone have any suggestions for solving this...

Thanks a lot........

Craig Marshall
- Jacksonville, Florida



I use a Dremmel a lot and it sounds like you have the right idea. I am not familiar with the polisher you are using, but it sounds like it is slipping on the shaft. There are many attachments (wheels, polishers, etc.) that you can use with the Dremmel. Try to find another wheel that will work better and won't slip.

Good luck,

Ed Kay
- St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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