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Galling of Stainless



I work for a government engineering company. Through the years anytime we have made a threaded component out of stainless we have always made one part out of 304 0r 316 and the other component out of a 400 series to prevent galling in the threads. Is this good enough? or should we be more careful with the hardness of each component?

Ross Handley
- Lucas Heights, Sydney, Australia


If your aim was to prevent galling, and if in fact you have prevented galling, then surely by definition your procedure was adequate?

Bill Reynolds
   consultant metallurgist
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

It is this website's profoundly sad
duty to relate the news that Bill
passed away on Jan. 29, 2010.


Many aeronautical fastening systems use silver plating over the base material to prevent galling. We do this type of work regularly.

Rob Legg
- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


The company Carpenter has a series of corrosion resistant stainless steels of the 300 series that are gall resistant, Nitronic 60 and Gall Tuff ring a bell.

Jon Quirt
- Minneapolis, Minneapolis


CAMCAR a division of Textron corp has a special material for Antigalling .. Camtronic .. and this is being used in hard disk drives .. to mate against aluminium .. these fastners are electropolished to get outstanding antigalling properties .. you can check them ... Good luck ..

Karthik Thambidurai
electronic components - Norwood, Massachusetts

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