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How does one clean that pesky white corrosion from galvanized steel?

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I am currently doing another project using galvanized corrugated steel. For flashing and trim pieces, I am using paint grip galvanized steel. The main problem that I would like to solve is how to remove the white corrosion that appears on pieces that have gotten wet during storage or transit. Is there a chemical that will do the trick. So far I have scrubbed with steel wool [linked by editor to product info at Rockler] which removes the whiteness and colors the corroded part grey...and over time the surface color seems to blend okay. Of course, keeping the material dry and clean has been the real solution, but I'm trying to salvage some of the work that is in place. Also, is there a chemical that will turn shiny galvanized surfaces dark, as if they have aged naturally? The paint grip color is perfect and I understand that it is produced by using phosphoric acid. Is that correct? Is there a better (safer, easier) solution to use? I would like to "age" some of the corrugated panels to a darker color. What do you suggest?

Lewis Hussing
- Blanco, Texas

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