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How Can I Tarnish, or Make Bright Brass Dull


How can I tarnish, or make bright brass dull. We recently installed some doors in our home, they came with bright brass plates and knobs. We hate the shineness and at the very least want to get rid of that. We'd like to darkent he color too, if we can.

Carrie Rice
- Nordland, Washington


I have a similar question - How can I dull the finish on a polished brass chandelier? It is electric, so I don't want to submerge it in water, and was hoping for some solution that I could 'rub' or 'paint' on to dull the very shiny finish and darken it a little.

Heather Dash
- Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA


I would also like to hear the answer to the question "How do you tarnish brass?". I am refinishing an antique desk that is missing one knob. We found a matching knob at our local lumber yard but it is shiny brass. We would like to make it look like the same age as the others. I hope you can help....................Thanks...Jim

Jim Eggers
- Fairchilds, Texas


Liver Of Sulphur [linked by editor to product info at Mister Art] darkens brass (if what you are looking at is actually brass, and it's not always easy to tell).

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey


toilet bowl cleaneramazoninfo

leave it on for a week and it'll turn it nice and dark

conversely it'll shine your metal right up if you wipe it on and then right off.

wear protective glovesamazoninfo has acid...I believe hydrochloric

I use it to age bronze cymbals... it not only changes how they look but mellows the tone for jazz and acoustic music

Miles Fullerton
Fulltone Recording - Corvallis, Oregon, USA

April 4, 2008

I have a light fixture, fireplace doors and bathroom shower doors that have a bright brass finish. I know the light fixture and fireplace doors are actually brass but I am unsure of the shower door metal. I would like to change the finish of each to a antique or dark finish. Do you know what products to use?

Sheryl Wolf
homeowner - Kildeer, Illinois, USA

December 9, 2008

you need to make sure it is real brass and not just stay brite over top of some other metal. if it is brass then there is probably a light layer of film over it that stops the brass from tarnishing. take off the brass fixtures and rub them on a carpet with a generally heavy amount of force. then try shining it up with Brassoamazoninfo metal polish. if the cloth with brasso turns black it you should have taken the film off. general use will now tarnish the brass. the oils in your hands help speed along the process too.

James Merritt
- Charlotte, North Carolina

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