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most fun in metal finishing

Paint Making Methods and Equipment


I'm a Microwave Engineer based in Lagos Nigeria. Please advise me on paint preparation for emulsion as well as gloss.

Thank you,

David Ajulo
- Lagos, Nigeria


When I'm finished writing the book on the subject, I'll reserve the first copy for you David.

Jake Koch
G. J. Nikolas & Co., Inc.

Bellwood, Illinois


The main equipment required would be a kettle or kettles and a cowles mixer. Making paint is mainly about dispersion, so get some good formulations and follow them carefully. I you purchase pre-ground pigments as paste you should only be limited by the quality of the formulations.

Many paint companies started in someone's garage. I know one guy who makes small batches with his wife's blender. He makes paint as a hobby and sells it to local contractors.

Ronald Zeeman
- Brampton, ON, Canada

February 13, 2009

Please I would like to know the health implications of having a paint factory in a residential compound with families including pregnant women and children. Thank you.

Efe Oghenegba
consults - Abuja, Nigeria

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