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Polyethylene fusion butt weld ANSI/AWS drawing symbol


Would anybody happen to know how to specify an ANSI/AWS weld symbol for a "fusion butt weld" for welding two High Density Polyethylene pipes together for a fabrication drawing ?

Thanx in advance,

Manuel Nevarez
Westinghouse - Carlsbad, NM



I don't think that such a symbol exists at all.

But for a fusion joint you would need space in order to use the fusion tool or fusion machine, very little for 3" dia. but quite a lot for 5 feet dia. !

What suppliers of HDPE fusion pipe do is just to write down 'weld' or 'fusion weld' ... anyhow, just where the joint goes is determined most times by the pipe lengths, ie. 20' or 40' lengths.

Worry not ... or invent your own symbol.

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- White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
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