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Separating gold from other metals


I have a bunch of "old gold" laying around and I've decided to melt it into something else. I would like to separate the gold from the other metals in the pieces of jewelry to make it more pure. How can this be done?

David Hann
- Corner Brook, NF, Canada

August 5, 2011

Hi! I've been scrapping computers and have about 2500 lbs of boards,cards,memory,cpu's cell boards, com boards,wire connectors,gold wire etc. My idea is to incinerate, ball mill,screen,remove iron and most aluminum and then melt and have refiner's bars poured that can be assayed before refining.I don't want to loose values, up the flue or in side streams and it would be impossible to assay the mix I have in it's original form. I need an education in how to proceed!To burn out organics/carbon, will precious metals be lost up the flue? can I recover them if I take the H2O from the scrubber? how can I find honest people who have the expertise to refine and purify the bars so I get all the metals from my load? What amounts of each metal can I expect per ton/metric ton? etc. Have a thousand questions! I would appreciate any help or mentoring! thanks!

art prusener
we recycle computers - Racine Wi USA
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