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Will solvent-based rust preventive agent dissolve Chromate Sealer?


Hi all,

We applied Chromate Sealer on the blue chromating of the zinc plating as topcoat. To enhance the corrosion resistance, we have additional of anti-rust agent (strong solvent-based) dipping before handling.

These chromate sealer layer (with blue zinc as undercoat) is potential to external rubbing/scratching/wearing etc during assembly, handling and storage. I'd like to know if the solvent-based anti-rust agent would weaken (even dissolve) the chromate sealer, which is an inorganic protective paint to the zinc. Thanks for advice.


Chee Hong, Lee
- Singapore


If the solvent base is acid it will strip the coating to some extent - if it is only solvent then probably it will have no effect.

Robert D Lilley
- Singapore

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