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Powder Coating Thickness Standard


I am looking for a standard thickness of powder coating. Would you please advise me where to get this?


Andy Nguyen
BP Solar - Frederick, Maryland


The normal industry wide thickness standard for powder usage is mils or 1/1000s. Each property type and specific manufacturer has their own criteria for topcoat thickness/s. Thus, a manufacturers product specification sheet is part of the answer to your question. The reason is that any adjustment made to the "manufacturers specified" thickness will affect the topcoat performance in impact resistance, flexibility, hardness, edge coverage, chip resistance, weathering, salt spray testing and others. This is a common area for problems to make there appearance. Painters need to attempt to apply the powder evenly and according to the product specification sheet to insure you meet the manufacturers specification/s. So if it calls for 2 to 5 mils it should read 0.002-0.005.This will give you the maximum benefit from that particular powder specification.

Bob Utech
Benson, Minnesota

Editor's note: 
Mr. Utech is
the author of -->

A Guide to High Performance Powder Coating
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