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Durability of Extruded vs. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture


I am about to buy some aluminum patio furniture, and am considering whether to buy extruded aluminum or cast aluminum. My major concern is not aesthetic, but long term durability, (resistance to corrosion, discoloration, warping, etc.) I would like to leave the furniture outside during winter with a fair bit of snow, and regular melting. Summers here are typically hot and humid. Would either the extruded or the cast offer an advantage over the other in terms of durability?

Mike DeVillaer
- Dundas, Ontario, Canada


Virtually any material can be well protected from corrosion or poorly protected, and your best indicator of quality will be the brand name and the guarantee. Despite my heavy involvement in this metal finishing website, I find myself no more enlightened than the average person when I shop for patio furniture. I bought chaise lounges that didn't last a season before rusting along our salt water lagoon, and I bought a steel table and chair set that looks brand new after 3 years of all-season outdoor exposure in the same place.
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Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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