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Restoring automotive interior plastic


I am looking for a way to restore automotive interior plastic. The material in question is molded out of polypropylene( I think I spelled it right?) It is from a mid 80's G.M. auto.

I am aware that to paint the plastic & achieve decent adhesion MAY be out of the question. If there is a way to prep the plastic for paint,any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If not paint, are there ways to recondition plastic to near new?

Thank You

Patrick Langan

Try a two-part polyurethane-acrylate that is cross linked with proper crosslinker and properly prepared for that material

Pete Bagley
- Reno, Nevada


One thing to keep in mind is that if anyone has ever tried to protect or revive the finish of your plastic part with ArmorAll or a similar product, you will be faced with a silicone contamination problem. No common paint or dye will stick to contaminated parts. There is no petrosolvent or cleaner that effectively removes silicone; the only way to get it off is to sand it off. Once the part is free of silicone, a commercial urethane (e.g., Sherwin Williams Polane) or an automotive-grade urethane should perform nicely.

Good luck,

Michel Moninger
- Sarasota, Florida


Patrick - You will be able to adhere paint to the PE with a prep product called Bondite and it comes in aerosol or liquid. It is available from Innovative Solutions. Regards,

John Herold
Innovative Solutions - Memphis, Tennessee

Ed. note: We couldn't find this product or company via the net in 1998, and
still can't find it in 2008. John if you're still out there, check in.


Try VHT penetrating color dye or Folia Tec interior paint

Israel m Ochoa
- San Luis Arizona

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