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Muric acid


I have heard that muric acid when mixed with water makes a solution that may be sprayed on the branches evergreens as well as saturating the roots to bring a dull evergreen back to life. We have three evergreens that haven't grown much in the last couple of years and look somewhat dull, droopy and sparse. Will muric acid help liven up these trees?

Kirsten Myers Melchiors
- Aurora, Ohio


I presume by muric acid you mean muriatic acidamazoninfo. This is better known as hydrochloric acid and I would strongly recommend you DO NOT start spraying trees or plants with this stuff unless you want to kill everything and leave the soil unusable. Muriatic acid will dissolve steel, so it will not do your plants any good. I would suggest you talk to a horticultural expert in your local garden centre and give your evergreens some good nourishment such as compost or manure. Evergreens are notorious for draining the soil of nutrients, so I suspect that is what has happened top your plants. If you inhale or ingest hydrochloric acid it may well kill you!

Trevor Crichton
R&D practical scientist
Chesham, Bucks, UK

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