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How to remove rust/corrosion from brass?


I need to remove rust/corrosion from a reproduction antique style brass fireplace screen. It is the kind that has thin "leaves" or"fins that fold out. The cast brass main body of the screen is in great shape. The thin leaves that fold out are starting to rust and also get some white/blue corrosion on them. I thought maybe that they were brass-plated steel, but a magnet was not attracted to them. I can get the rust off using 0000 steel wool [linked by editor to product info at Rockler], but I have 11 "leaves" and the elbow grease involved is enormous. I did get a brass brush wheel for my Dremelamazoninfo that helps, but still it is tedious work. Is there some kind of chemical that will dissolve the rust/brass oxide? Is it easy to find?

Kathleen Schuller
- Brandon, MS

October 1, 2009

I'm reviewing the same dilemma with brass and came across this interesting video, suggest you give it a try:

- AUBURN, Washington, USA

October 2, 2009

Try one table spoon tartaric acid dissolved per liter of hot water. Submerge the cleaned and degreased product in this solution. Oxidation should start disappearing soon after submerging. Degrease the brass with a degreasing agent or use quality dishwashing liquid.

Verwey Fourie
- Volksrust, RSA

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