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Chemical composition of ASTM B584-C938


Can any body tell me please the chemical composition of the alloy "ASTM B584-C938".

Thanks for help..

Sherif Mahmoud Abd El Razak
- Alexandria, Egypt.



ASTM-B-584-00 C938 is a "High Lead Tin Bronze." It was previously designated as ASTM-B-144-3D and has a "common" designation of 78-7-15. Needless to say the nominal composition is 78% Cu, 7% Sn and 15% Pb. The ASTM spec title is "Copper Alloy Sand Casting."

Hope this helps.

Matthew Horton
- St. Paul, Minnesota



I am working with LB5 casting( High leaded bronze) . Want to know, how to check the homogeneity of the casting..? i.e., I want to know whether the lead is spread evenly.

- Bangalore, Karanataka, India

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