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Copper Iridium Rice Pulling Coin

(Special thanks to Michele Maki of for Froggy graphic)






I'm very much interested in RP, so please let me know about what you know ok? All other things are as same as your message.

- Bangalore, India


Copper Iridium Coins are very magical. They will stop a bus when carried in it (stop ignition),but when wrapped in carbon papers the bus starts again. A candle flame bends towards this coin. When rice is brought near this it attracts rice. There is a small device in Germany which is about 1 million dollars and it absorbs this power from the coin.....there is one more coin called 1616 it has three magical points when plucked power in entire area is lost. 0.1 million dollar chemicals are used to test this coin near sea shore and these coins are very costly. Details are given in a program in DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

[name removed at writer's request Aug. 04]
- Hyderabad, India


Are you manufacturing or selling these coins? It seems like you are grinding them up and smoking them.

Jake Koch
- Bellwood, Illinois


Let me guess...if I wanted to purchase one of these "coins" that pull rice, I'm sure you could put me in contact with a supplier? We got lots of taters, here in Idaho that need pulling out of the dirt..after all.. starch is starch,, right? Sheeeeesh

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho
(an avid discovery channel watcher) 

WOW. The military implications alone are impressive. Think how affective it would be if you were to scatter these coins over a battlefield. You would be able to stop an enemy tank in his tracks. Excuse the pun. (Of course you would have to wrap your own tanks in carbon paper to protect them).

Another application of military interest would be in the antiballistic missile area. It is extremely difficult to hit a missile with another missile but if you could even get close and then pluck the coin you would be able to knock out the guidance systems and motor controls of the other missile. (Of course you would have to wrap your own missile in carbon paper or it too would lose power.)

Another huge application would be the kitchen. I hate raisins so I could make a simple device that would separate the rice from the raisins in rice pudding. That market alone could be huge.

By the way you should have this coin minted in Liberia with a current picture of Elvis and colorized. That will add to its appeal in the USA.

I would like to have the exclusive distribution rights in the USA.

What terms are you asking.

If your coins work only half as well as you say then we should be able to get 1 lak rupees each for them.

Please send 50,000 free sample coins so that I can start the test marketing as soon as possible. You should mark the export papers as "Sample Coins. No commercial value." This statement would be very accurate and would avoid having to pay import duty on the shipment. Do not forget to wrap them very securely in carbon paper or the 'planes engines may stop in flight and that would be very bad.

By the way. I am also interested in the Indian Rope Trick. I would be interested in any information you can supply.

John Holroyd
- Elkhorn, Wisconsin


You know, one of the neat things about being as gullible as I am, is that I can readily enjoy even an amateur magic show. I always miss the slight of hand, and with easily suspended belief I immerse myself into the magician's world of wonder. I trust we share this trait, Mr. [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04].

Lee Gearhart
East Aurora, New York


Dear Sir,

I am a research student. My domain is Iridium.While doing my research I stumbled upon a story of certain specific objects attracting other objects. I believe this phenomenon is due to the fact that the object which attracts is made of an alloy of Iridium and Copper. I would like to know the facts regarding this. Expecting your answer at the earliest.

Best Regards,

Kaushik Mukherjee
- Calcutta,West Bengal, India


Aren't many dog foods made with rice and various starches? Think of a pooper-scooper lined with these coins. The droppings should leap to the scooper without ever having to actually scoop ( a single handled model). I think I'll take this marketing angle. Any interest in a prototype Marc or Tom ? (they are well known for their love of their furry friends). I think this thread has more potential than the one about making HCl.

Dan Brewer
chemical process supplier - Gurnee, Illinois


Taking a page out of Randall's book (see letter 12044) I decided to do an analysis. I took said dog excrement(DS) and had it analyzed. The analysis showed cat excrement (C)(you know them dogs and litter boxes), rice (R), A lost sock (A), and plethora (P) of other things. So..after painstaking analysis and computations I came up with this final conclusion: DS=C.R.A.P.

Now..fellow finishers what I've found TRULY amazing is that this compound (C.R.A.P.), ALSO has a direct correlation to this whole "rice pulling" thing. Coincidence? Me thinks not! Unfortunately, Dan..the weight of R (rice) was so minute that I don't think your million dollar idea would work.

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


So, like, how many carbon papers does it take to wrap a bus? In this country, copper zinc coins are very magical; they can't actually stop a bus, but (as I learned when I was 13) a train makes this big, mystical "bump" sound when the wheels go over the magical copper zinc coins! Then the copper zinc coins magically become, like, real long and stuff! Then the conductor (who magically happened to attend the same church as my parents an I) makes a phone call over these magical copper wires to, like, my dad. Then, for the next two days, my rear-end is so magically swollen that I couldn't have sent a cubic millimeter of candle flame bending fuel out of it if I had wanted!

Randy Fowler
Cleveland, Tennessee, USA wait a sec...Its been a very long time since I've had to ride the bus, but.. it seems to me.. that when I stuck one of those copper zinc coins in the little box by the driver...POOF!..the door would magically close, and the bus would magically start moving. Darn.. it MUST be the IRIDIUM that makes them stop!

And hey...Randy...if yer ever in Boise Id...look me up.. we GOTTA have a beer!

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


Valuation of 1818 coin 6'' rice pulling please know me the actual price . . . IRIDIUM COPPER.......

Soumendra Ku Nayak
- Orissa, India


You got it, Marc! I look forward to that cold one!

Randy Fowler
Cleveland, Tennessee, USA



[name removed at writer's request Aug. 04]



Why are so many people from the Indian subcontinent fixated on the rice pulling properties of copper iridium coins. Looking over the various posts on the web about this subject it seems that the ability to pull rice 6" is trivial when compared with the power of these coins to pull the gullible from over 8,000 miles.

Pulling rice can be accomplished by attaching a copper iridium coin to a 53,000 volt power supply. This will pull a grain of rice almost 1 cm under good conditions. Puffa puffa rice works best. This also works with US nickels and rusty old washers as well.

Please will someone tell the price on a 1997 rusty washer that will pull rice 1 cm. (power supply extra)

John Holroyd
- Elkhorn, Wisconsin


I just had to comment one more time..I LOVE THE "SILLY" ICON, perhaps there oughta be another sub-directory.

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


John, regarding these scams and fictions it is always difficult to figure out what is really going on because nobody is forthcoming. When people post that they want to buy rice-pulling coins I suspect that what many really want to do is sell them and they are just trying to convince potential buyers that there is a resale market available to them if they buy the coins so the buyer doesn't feel he's risking much. What is the value in "rice pulling"? From his handling of these inquiries Tom thinks rice pulling is supposedly indicative of power to pull cancers out of the body.

Ted Mooney   Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Frauds, Scams, and Cons


Gol-eeee. Marc, Randy. Can I join you two for a beer and extend the invite if either of you are in Minneapolis. This is fun and this letter caught me so off guard I don't know how to respond as my smart alec self. While I admit I'm on the waning side of the valence issue with chrome in HCL. (I want to try it without Fe as a reducing agent) I have still to make my final entry in to the HCl's gotta go until 2003. As to the rice thing, why bother with such stuff when I would be most please to sell you, for a minor fee, the wonderful catalyst to transform lead to Au. Secret is you can't peek for 30 days after processing or light will destroy the chemical reaction.

Jon Quirt
- Minneapolis, Minnesota

What is "iridium copper"? It pulls rice. I saw this show in my friend house after pulling the rice, the rice colour change light green and dark yellow, and one more function is there, if we keep electronic watch on the copper item the watch circuit not working. What this wonderful item he saying it most valuable. I have to know what is the usage of this item it is very important please say the total information about this.

Which company has to be interested to purchase to my item please the details about process and company name ,address. I am say it is very true really I having "rice pulling" coin. Some people said to me it is "iridium cooper" I am in dilemma please the total information about this item.

Thanking you sir,

K.V. Ranama
- Guntut, Andhrapradesh, India


Dear sir,

Kindly know me the real price of (1818 coin). I have collect 2 coin which is having rice pulling property 1 is 3 inch grams another 1 is 1 inch wt..12 grams. I know the test of iridium copper ...this 100% okay hear lot many people are there I can't believe them so kindly know me the cost and real buyer and address.

Thanking u,

Soumendra Nayak
- Orissa, India


Somebody...PLEASE kill this thread! :)

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


I guess I should point out that iridium is in fact a "magical" element, biologically that is. A significant amount of work has been done on devices put in the body that can duplicate nerve functions. The devices require a power source (battery). However, there is always some contact resistance when a metal is put in the human body. The contact resistance consumes power and increases the voltages needed, making the devices less effective, batteries larger, et al. It turns out that iridium has the lowest contact resistance of all the metals, by a great deal. It is also totally compatible with human biochemistry -- it doesn't corrode in the body, cause any bad body reactions, or attract build-up of "bad" things on it's surface. Unfortunately, it is also the rarest naturally occurring element. In fact, iridium is mostly found in meteorites. As a result, it is also one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, metals. If the copper-iridium boys really want to make some money, they should ditch the copper and sell the iridium.

treglio portrait
Jim Treglio
American Faucet &
  Coatings Corporation

Vista, California

I too understand that the Iridium metal pulls rice from a distance but not seen one. There are a few enquiries from prospective purchasers. However, the purpose for which such material is required is not exactly known. Further, the legality of dealing with such items has to be established. If any one is claiming to 'own' and willing to demonstrate may contact me.

- Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


I'm trying REAL hard not to put a hole in my tongue from biting it over this is painful.

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho

I am interested in the rice pulling metal and am ready to give a good money for it please contact me if anyone has got the rice pulling metal.

Mir Muzaffar Ali
- Hyderabad, India


We have recently discovered after months of exhaustive research that the power of iridium copper coins can be extended to making potassium gold cyanide from the chaff of rice kernels. In fact, we have also discovered that if iridium copper coins are laid 25.4 mm apart from a ruthenium nickel ingot during the full phase of the moon, that the patriots will win the Super Bowl and George Bush will achieve world peace, but not necessarily in that order. If you pass a No. 2 pencil between the said medallions, you can also make hydrochloric acid from salt water. Please make certain that you handle the pencil only from the small red eraser, however, as the reaction could easily jump into your skin and start a process called Forrest Gump Syndrome.

By the way, you will find that there are many people who have evidently come across several millions of dollars in liquidated african assets that would be willing to exchange said sums for iridium copper coins at a significant premium. All the need is your banking information and approval. This evidently only works between the First Sacred Cow Bank of New Delhi and the Joint Congo-Nairobi Savings and Trust. Details to follow.

Tom Baker
wastewater treatment specialist - Warminster, Pennsylvania



If by now you have bitten that hole in your tongue I would be most pleased to send to you a titanium anodized stud so you can have that pierced look.

Jon Quirt
- Minneapolis, Minnesota



Mr. Randy Fowler and I, would like to extend an invitation to be a member of the American Satire Club, you seem to have all the necessary qualifications. Welcome aboard!

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


Iridium copper rice pulling coin or any metal like plates etc (or tamarind pulp having pulling properties) holders are welcome for contacting me for immediate purchase.We have license from Defence and Govt Of India Approval.

If people don't know about these coins don't post your feelings in this bulletin board.


[name removed at writer's request Aug. 04]

- Hyderabad, India


This is a fraud, please provide the website address where your rice pulling properties are explained to the scientific community, and to the general public who is being bilked. There is no license from India or the Defense department. It is typical to wrap frauds with official-looking credentials.

tom portrait Tom Pullizzi
Falls Township, Pennsylvania

How to Become a Professional Con Artist


Its about damned time! Do I get a shingle or a brick to place on my desk?

Actually, I was thinking that we might could answer question 13245, recently posted in the WWT forum - erroneously, I might add.

If we could plate chromium on the copper iridium metal, maybe we could make clap on clap off lights without the need for hands - they would simply pull themselves on when you walked into the room! :)

Tom Baker
      wastewater treatment specialist
Warminster, Pennsylvania


Geez, you guys most be really bored.

Jake Koch
- Bellwood, Illinois


You know, Mr. [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04], one of the great things about being an American, is that we have the right to free speech, which, in turn, gives us the right to question your claims in this public forum. You have been given ample opportunity to give this forum technical data to support this C.R.A.P (see one of my earlier responses to this thread), but have yet to do so. Please advertise your C.R.A.P. somewhere else. Wait a sec.. you shouldn't have to advertise at all..the demand must be incredible for these coins. However...I will thank you, for giving us card carrying members of the ASC an opportunity to get a good laugh every now and then, and relieve a little stress that comes from day to day managing of plating facilities, and related businesses. Tom, sorry..we are out of bricks and shingles....HOWEVER...We got some great Micro-Brews over here in Idaho...perhaps a six-pack will suffice? Randy...where the heck are ya? I didn't think you could keep quiet for this long! Ya'll have a great weekend.

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


Hey Folks!

A special "howdy" to Marc Greene and Tom Baker! Yes, I have been silent of late. You see, I've this little side business going which occupies much of my time right before March 1. It involves doing Tier 2 and Bienniel Reports for some of the "Generators" here in southern New England. As one would assume, I am now breathing a HUGE sigh of relief, and, oh yeah, enjoying the monetary fruits of my labor (well, the little lady is enjoying having "our" bank account fattened!). Anyhoo...I'm back...for better or worse! Boy, do I have some catching up to do! Let's Roll!

Randy Fowler
Cleveland, Tennessee, USA


Marc - I think you missed an obvious desk placard for Tom - a tater with an iridium coin stuck in it! How 'bout it?

P.S. In all those great microbrews, are there any great oatmeal stouts? :)

Dan Brewer
- Gurnee, Illinois


I love his thread! I have formed a cult over it... it has some of the best comedy material since Monty Python!.. Long may it go on... oh yes and the rest of the site is excellent! (seriously!)

From a highly amused Engineering student.

Andrew "nutmeg" Lewis

- Hemel, Hempstead, Herts


Nutmeg? New boy band from the home continent? Spice Boys? egads - they've cloned!

Tom Baker
      wastewater treatment specialist
Warminster, Pennsylvania

Is there any way of testing and finding out if a piece of metal contains Iridium Copper.

Gavin Rebeiro
- Orissa, India


Run some or all of the tests outlined in the letter from Jan 9 that started this thread. If the bus stops and the rice moves, it would seem to confirm the presence of the copper iridium. Or something. Maybe.

Bill Reynolds
   consultant metallurgist
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

It is this website's profoundly sad
duty to relate the news that Bill
passed away on Jan. 29, 2010.


Great idea, Bill! Mr. [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04].. would you please provide me a sample?

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


Make fun if you want, but some people have sunk their last gold biscuits into some of these frauds.

Tom Pullizzi
Falls Township, Pennsylvania


Inquiring Minds Want to Know:

What are the properties of Osmium/Copper coins? After all, if Iridium is a "magical" metal, so is Osmium. Among other well-documented properties, it is a metal so unaffected by magnetic fields that it might as well not be there - even water is probably more affected.

Of course, the same can't be said for Copper, so a simple alloy would probably adulterate the properties of either element. However, a plated junction of pure elements would clearly exhibit thermocouple-related behaviors. Maybe we should test for the ability to turn external magnetic fields on and off with such a device. Heck, the defense-industry market alone (for EMP shielding) would be astronomical!

Terry Roddy
- Evanston, Illinois

Respected sir,

I had seen one metal bowl which pulls rice from 3.5 inches and when I put single cell torch (plastic) the bulb burned. The party is demanding 500 crore Indian rupee for that bowl if you want to take it from me you can contact me. I am the broker for it. If you you having the purchasing documents epriseing form and your purchasing liaisons you can contact me as soon as possible. If you prove it duplicate then you can take that metal with 5 lakh Indian rupee. I'll be waiting for your reply.

- Udupi, Karnataka, India


That's Amazing ....did you try to put a Mobile Phone without batteries and try if it still works? May be it can automatically dial numbers? If a bulb can glow how comes the ignition of the bus .. stop?

Is the bowl just generating 1.5 volts.. I would rather prefer to buy a 1.5 volt dry cell for Rs5/= rather than 500 crores. Better try using a 40 watts bulb next time. If it still works probably the bowl has got enough power to close a circuit and provide what ever power needed. You can negotiate for better price with Indian Government. The Ministry of Energy doesn't know about this bowl earlier else they would have switched back from building few Nuclear power plants.

If the material has so many amazing properties .. why does the party want to sell it? .. Probably they can supply power throughout India and this could make more money than mere 500 crores.

Is the bowl able to just do 2 works alone is it? Pull rice.. make bulb glow... what else can the bowl do ? can it automatically cook rice? (probably it has a in-built micro).. can it wash cloths .. can it clean house .. then it should be a product of great demand to Indian household ..

Keep posting . its really interesting .. to go thru such store after a day of hard work .. What do you call this bowl ? You never gave a name ...aiooooo

- Singapore



Rice pulling guys are you simply dreaming of these unrealistic things happen ? Where is the use of this MAGICAL items ? In case they are useful ,who buys at that astronomical prices...?! You are being fooled by some idiots who have no other way of living but for this fraudulent & ridiculous business of cheating people on the name of Rice Pulling . If you have come across these rice pulling basta&&& kick them in their ass that no one speaks about that again.

Avinash Reddy
- Hyderabad, India


I just spent the last 20 minutes going through the vile criticism of the magical powers of Copper Iridium Coins and attempts to make a mockery of Mr [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04] 's honest intentions. The man is from Hyderabad, for Gods sakes. May I point out that my grandfather, God bless his soul, was a pioneer in Copper Iridium Coin minting technology and the only reason he died a pauper was due to his total lack of marketing skills. Though I have heard that his rice field took a beating after he dropped a few coins down the village water-well. That was close to the time he was beaten out of the area for blocking the only well in the village during the great 1939 drought. Anyway, getting back to the subject, my family are born experts in Copper Iridium Coins and I would like to support Mr [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04] 's grand ambitions for spreading its magical uses and entering the American market with a bang. Being from Calcutta, I am presently working on a number of pollution and upmarket poverty items and would dearly like to tie-up with entrepreneurs and visionaries like Mr [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04]. For example, I am working on a simple leprosy cream which would give the user the look and feel (for an extra charge) of a leper for up to two hours. Imagine, a leper in new York. Not only will users be the centre of attraction at 5th Avenue parties but the more enterprising ones can pick up a bit of dough begging. On the question of begging, I also have a line of designer begging bowls from paper to the latest aluminum self-denting varieties. They will grow on you. A great Christmas present, if you are listening (or reading). But there are more folks. How about the pollution bath. Yes sir. Who wants the old bubbles when you can pollute in luxury. The extra economy pack can give you up to 24 baths in utter pollution. Just squeeze in the Pollubath and run the taps and within minutes you are heading for the polluting time of your life. Live it up. The Pollubath comes in three delightful flavours, Calcutta Cholera, Delhi Dengi and Bombay Screams. However, for the big party freaks, I am working on the ultimate floods do. Yes Sir, bring the floods home with our famous Instant Floodatainment pack. At just $2000 a flood, you can get your friends and loved ones an experience of a lifetime. No more hitching up to Oxfam and Action Aid; no more grueling travel and objections from Pa and Ma folks, now you can have it all for just $2000. For an order of three Instant Floodatainment packs, we will throw in a pack of free Malaria Mosquito Mania absolutely free. Damn, I seem to have strayed again. Anyway, all for now. And again, I fully support Mr [name removed at writer's request Aug. 04] and would be delighted to supply the carbon papers for the his initial free samples.

Tata De
- Calcutta, India

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