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Thread dimensions after plating


Q. I have problems in assembling a nut onto a bolt. Basically, the bolt answers to the thread gauge before plating, but when we do the nickel plating on it, material builds up, thereby preventing the nut to go on. Is there any method of maintaining the thread on the bolt to any specific dimension before plating, so that the nut assembles onto the bolt without any difficulty.


Raghu Raman
- Chennai, India


A. You need to have undercut in threads. This means threads are deeper before plating. The nominal diameter is reduced to compensate for the plating thickness depending on the plating thickness. Some also drill larger hole and tap accordingly in matching part if you are buying standard bolts. Have you tried minimum zinc plating on the bolt? Some standard companies sell plated bolts which will fit correctly as they have undercut on bolts.

Payal Mag
- Charlotte, North Carolina

September 3, 2008

Q. Is a different thread gauge used for plated & unplated?


February 23, 2013

Q. I have problem in inspections.

1) Which thread plug gauge & thread ring gauge I can use before & after plating (6h or 6H)?

2) Which thread plug gauge & thread ring gauge I can use before & after blacodizing (6h or 6H)?

Shankar Sarak
Engg. - pune, India

January 18, 2014

A. - 6h ring gauge

- Bawal, Haryana, India



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