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optimum temp. of nickel bath in bright chrome plating


i want to inquire what is the optimum temperature of the nickel bath in bright chrome plating.what is the minimum kilowatts required to maintain the solution at the particular temperatures during running condition i.e.kilowatts/quantity of solution in litres. How can we reduce the lot timings in the nickel bath i.e. how can we optimize the variables to increase our production.

amit bansal
jagdish metal works - amritsar,punjab, India


Your question is confusing. Are you asking about Nickel plating for chrome plating? Any way assuming you do Nickel and chrome both for your part, you have not mentioned which type of Nickel plating do you do. Is it Watt's Nickel or Sulphamate? One can have as high as 73 C temperature in Watts bath. All heat is not coming from the plating current. You need to have heaters and controller. Initially you will need heating and when you do not plate you need to maintain temperature. During plating, you may need cooling to maintain temperature. Higher salt concentration will permit high current density. Please contact local chemical supplier.

Payal Mag
- Charlotte, North Carolina

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