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Protective coating on polished aluminum

Some clearcoating solutions (adv.) pointer   



I have several small (3x6x1/4) aluminum parts for my Harley that I am polishing in my garage. I've got the polishing down to a mirror finish, but now am looking to try to protect the finish so I don't have to keep polishing. The last time I polished it, the shine lasted about 3 months and then got hazy, and took me about 90 minutes to get it shiny again. I tried the Diamond Clear from Eastwood =>

Lots of cool stuff there for powdercoating and polishing but my first attempt looks less than promising. Most of the piece came out with a "crackle" look to it and the part that isn't looks hazy. I think the "crackle" finish was due to an error in application, but the haze isn't what I want. I plan to strip it back down and try again with the same stuff, but I anticipate it will come out hazy.

Is there any better way to get a brilliant, protective finish on small parts THAT I CAN DO IN MY GARAGE? I've looked at the decorative anodizing kits, but am a little concerned about the safety. I read other posts in this forum which seemed to indicate some of the fumes from chrome plating are carcinogenic, but yet I see a guy standing over a chrome bath with no respiratory protection. So, not sure if a spray on clearcoat is the answer, or maybe one of Eastwood's home powdercoating kits or the home anodizing kits. I don't plan on doing any large scale work and would like to try to keep this inexpensive, otherwise I may as well try to find a shop to do this work.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Greg Spangler
- Hampton, Virginia

Eastwood Diamond Clear

I think anodizing would give you the longest lasting and most robust clear finish, Gary, but in addition to the spray aerosols and clear powder coatings you mentioned, you could try Everbrite. Good luck.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

September 21, 2011

Try Alcoa cleaner P/N 199709, ALC-769 Spray Gel CI FA and sealant P/N 199723, ALC-769 Sealant AR on bare aluminum parts .

piet Le Febvre
- amsterdam holland EU

Ed. note:Thanks, Piet, for forwarding the outstanding open-license brochure! =>

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