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Density of copper & zinc

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What is the density of copper? Also what is the density of zinc?

Flo Mdeleted
- Poughkeepsie, New York


Copper is 8.92 g/cm3, Zinc is 7.1 g/cm3. When you go to search for density of materials, do not forget to also search "specific gravity".

Ira Donovan, M.S.F.
Kansas City, Missouri


8.89 and 7.14 respectively.

Bill Reynolds
   consultant metallurgist
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

It is this website's profoundly sad
duty to relate the news that Bill
passed away on Jan. 29, 2010.

Learn more:
If you don't quite understand what density means, see the "Coach's notes".
Until 1982 pennies were made of copper;
Since 1983 they have been made of zinc with a thin copper plating
The chemical symbol for copper is Cu, and for zinc is Zn.
A cooper makes wooden casks held together with bands of steel, not copper.


Dude! That was so cool! Cause I had homework to find the density of those two elements and they are right there! Awesome! Who's getting an A? Me! Hurrah! Keep putting stuff like that up and I will pass Chem. for sure. Awesome!

Bob B.
- Middlesex, New Jersey

September 18, 2008

You guys rock. Thanks for the easy source for my paper. :D

Rei Cdeleted

January 22, 2009

Hi, puzzled, I was given to carry out an experiment to determine the density of coated cylindrical copper wire with the following data diameter 0.22 mm, length 197 cm and mass 0.6 g. The problem is that the answer should be almost the standard density of copper.

Teddy Muleki

"Hands-on" learning is fun, maybe try a precision scale? . . .

Electronic scale

January 28, 2009

Hi, Teddy. That sounds like a calculation, a homework question, not an experiment. What part of the experiment did you actually do -- measure and weigh the copper? The answer is not off by a lot (less than 10 percent). Show your work and we can point out the error if you made one. Thanks.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

March 18, 2010

I want to ask.. what is the relation between material thickness and density?
material is stainless steel. the density is 7480 - 8000 kg/m3.
but, how to relate material thickness and the density..?

hope you can help me with this..
thank you

ms. aisyah mastuki
researcher - Malaysia

March 2010

Hi, Aisyah. There is no direct relationship between thickness and density.

Thickness is one of the three dimensions. If you multiply the thickness X the length X the width you will have the volume of the item. If you multiply the volume X the density per unit volume you will have the mass (or weight) of the item.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
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