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Will Borax kill wasps?


I got to your site by searching, "Borax, uses of." I am looking for something to kill wasps, and since I have effectively used a Borax, sugar, and water solution to kill ants, I was wondering if it would work in a similar way on wasps. They're driving me crazy and I can't find their nest to exterminate them with insecticide. Do you think it's worth a try?

Nancy K
- BC, Canada


The 'ol borax in sugar water trick will also wreak havoc on the yellowjacket wasp populations. There are easier ways to kill these critters withour endangering useful creatures like moths, birds, etc. If you set out some regular 20oz PET soda bottles out with a bait consisting of some apple juice & maybe a bit of raw meat with a bit of dishwashing detergent inside, you will catch lots of wasps and flies. Occasionally dump out the contents and refill.

Dale Woika
- Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

20 Mule Team Borax


My daughter is a first-time homeowner of an older home in New Orleans. Her father and I suggested she put Borax under the house around the foundation to prevent roaches and fleas. This has apparently worked as she has after a year in her home has seen neither in her home. We were wondering if we could expect this application to prevent termites? And is there a better way to apply Borax to get results in preventing termites than just putting it under the house? We wondered about putting it in the attic. At the present time there are no signs of termites, and we wondered if Borax might help keep it that way.

Jerri Myers
parent - Lakeland, Florida

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