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Dacrotizing and Dacromet


Need information on Dacrotizing

James L Benson
Fastenal Company


Dear Mr. Benson,

Dacrotizing® is a process of applying a corrosion resistant coating composition, Dacromet 320Æ, to ferrous substrates. This aqueous coating dispersion is marketed worldwide through licensing agreements to both captive users and independent coaters. This coating can be applied to bulk parts by immersion, using conventional dip-spin coaters. Larger parts can be treated by dip-coating or spraying, using a continuous overhead conveyor.

David A. Katila
- Chardon, Ohio


I would like to have some technical information on dacromet product as it applies to use on construction fasteners for rooftop environments.

Also, who are the service providers for dacaromet in southern california?

thank you

Carmen Vertullo



Metal Coatings International Inc. is the manufacturer and marketer of DACROMET®. DACROMET® is comprised of zinc and aluminum flake in a proprietary organic binder. It becomes totally inorganic after curing.

Best regards,

Andrew R. Pfeifer
- Chardon, Ohio


Dacromet 500 + L finish is European equivalent to MIL-C-87115. I am searching for any documentation supporting this statement.

John F. Hartman
- Natick, Massachusetts



Mil-C-87115A describes the DACROMET® product line. Class 2 & 3 mandate a supplemental sealer/topcoat to be applied to the DACROMET® basecoat for extended corrosion protection and/or lubricity. DACROMET 500® is the primary formulation available in Europe, and it can be used interchangeably with DACROMET 320® in this situation, provided the PLUS® L sealer is also used.

Andrew R. Pfeifer
- Chardon, Ohio


Dear Sir,

We are a company located in Bursa, Turkey. Our production consists of powder coating plants, liquid coating plants, automative spray booths, and cataphoresis coating plants.

We'd like to know more about the "Dacro Coating Process". We have many years of experience in coating industry.

With my best regards,

- Bursa, Turkey

December 26, 2008

pl brief the process of dacrotizing

Samit Holkar
automobile OE - Indore, MP, India

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