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High Temperature Water Based Paint


We are looking for an aqueous-based high temperature white and black material for spray.

Operating temp. of approx. 500° F.

Any such animal out there?

Jim Cummings
powder coating - Buffalo, New York


Sermatech makes a silver colored water based aluminum paint that has to be baked. Costs like $105 a gal and is not easy to put on in low or high humidity. Do not know if they have black. They have several applicator sites also. There are high temperature stoving enamels, but they are solvent based and must be baked also. Most colors are available in this, but some are not heat resistant.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida


Dear Mr. Cummings:

Magni Industries has several water based coatings that can handle temperatures in excess of 500F. These coatings can be baked or air dried. Black and Grey are standard colors.

Edward Koneczny
- Birmingham, Michigan

April 12, 2011

We offer a water base paint (white) for hot steel mill products. This paint is applied over hot products within a 800-1600° F range.



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