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Need my Rims Dipped in Chrome


RFQ: My name is Andrew and I own a 2002 Acura 3.2 CL-S (type-s). My question is where I can find a company that can chrome dip my 17 inch stock Acura wheels and what is a good estimated price?

Andrew Pdeleted
- Marietta, Georgia, United States of America
outdated RFQ

November 26, 2012

A. Hi Andrew.

A good estimated cost is the same price as brand new chrome plated wheels. Unfortunately, the labor cost for plating 4 or 5 wheels generally makes the proposition unattractive. Please see our FAQ: "Introduction to Chrome Plating". Best of luck though.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Ed. note: The RFQs on this page are outdated. To view current open RFQs, or to post your own RFQ for chrome plating or other finishing services, please go to "I Need Finishing Services in USA, Canada, or Mexico".


RFQ: Where can I dip my rims in chrome in Los Angeles California?

Alvaro Sdeleted
Los Angeles, California, USA
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I am trying to find out some info in regards to getting rims dipped in chrome and I am also trying to have my car grill done the same way. I have a set of aluminum alloy that I would like to have dipped. The rims will be going on to a 97 Cadillac Deville. Would anyone know where the closest shop is that handles Chrome dipping? For anyone that does, the easiest way to get me is through email.

Thanks for the help.

Kevin Ndeleted
- North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I want to know how much it would be to get my rims chrome dipped?

Joshua Wdeleted
hobbyist - Virginia Beach, Virginia
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I need one Nissan Altima wheel chrome dipped. Can anyone help me out?

Steven Sdeleted
- Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States
outdated RFQ


RFQ: My name is John; I have a 2003 GSXR Suzuki. I am trying to repaint my bike and get it chromed. I just wanted to know how much it would be to get two Suzuki 600 rims plated and four 17-inch truck rims. I have been trying to find someone for months. I have not found anyone close to where I live. Shipping is a lot when you are trying to send things to other states. If you could just send me a price and where I can go with my stuff that would be great. Thank You.

john bdeleted
hobbyist - Williamsville, New York, us
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I would like to get my factory wheels chromed. I am looking for a place in the northern NJ and/or NYC area. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you

Anthony Adeleted
- North Bergen, New Jersey, USA
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I'm looking to get some car rims chrome dipped. What places in Michigan do this?

Shareefah Sdeleted
chrome dipping - Detroit, Michigan
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I have 22" chrome wheels that I have scratched up on curbs and would like to know if there is any place in Houston that will re-dip them in chrome and what will it cost per wheel...I don't know if re-dip is the correct term to use?

Diana Jdeleted
likes bling-bling - Elgin, Texas
outdated RFQ


RFQ: Hi,

I was just wondering if you knew any place that is somewhat close to Manitowoc where I could get my rims chromed. They are 18's, how much would it cost to get this done?


Travis Hdeleted
chroming rims - Manitowoc, Wisconsin, U.S.A
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I am looking for someone in North Carolina where I can get black motorcycle wheels dipped in chrome. I am also interested in getting my Toyota 4 Runner alloy wheels dipped in chrome. Thanks for your help!

NICOLE Mdeleted
outdated RFQ


RFQ: I would like to find someone in Maryland, VA, or DC that dips rims.

Andrea Hdeleted
- Capitol Heights, Maryland, United States
outdated RFQ

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