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most fun in metal finishing

Refining of Precious Metal


Dear Sir :

I want to get some information on refining of gold, Silver and all kinds of precious metals. Also I want to know the method for making PSC, PGC, Palladium Salt and so on.

Edmond Yeung


I think you will find that those who have "real" information on how to refine precious metals are very stingy with it. Unless you are willing to pay a consultant you may not hear very much that is useful.

However, there was a book published by Hoke some years ago that I have seen advertised, I think in Metal Finishing Magazine, that is supposed to be good on the basics. I have never read it so I can't provide a good review.

If you are serious about your pursuit of this knowledge, e-mail me. I worked in a PM refinery some years ago and have accumulated some additional literature myself. Unfortunately I am one of the stingy ones who is not about to give away years of experience for free, especially not over the internet.

Bill Vins
microwave & cable assemblies
Mesa (what a place-a), Arizona

Ed. note: Thanks, Bill. It's "Refining Precious Metal Wastes" [link is to info about book at Amazon] by C M Hoke


Dear Sir. I'm looking for a literature about refining gold. I need refining jewels 18K, 12K, end 10K in yellow end white gold.

Victor Soccol
- Brazil


Hello, We are a Bulgarian company that is specialized in electronic scrap.We have containers of scrap that is from old Russian electronic components which we would like to refine with you. We want to make a contact with you and if it is possible to become your representatives in Bulgaria. We have a lot of possibilities to gather such materials form Russia and Bulgaria. I would like to know your commissions for refining and other details connected to partnership. We are looking forward to your prompt reply.

Ivelin Ivanov
- Silistra , cuntry BULGERIA


Dear Sir,

I want to get some information about scrap of old PC. I mean to say, what you do with old Computers. If it is possible to tell me please.

Prashant Chhatbar
- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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