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Thermally conductive powder coatings


I am looking for information on a thermally conductive powder coating product that would give 48 hours of salt spray, and 240 hours of humidity protection on a steel tube substrate, and would enhance, rather than insulate the heat transfer characteristics of the tube.

Bill Kunkler
- Indiana


Though the thermal insulating effect of the coating is usually minimal, you may be able to reduce the effect of the coating by applying at a minimum film thickness or by selecting a coating material that has a maximum specific gravity. The higher SG indicates a higher level of high-density inorganic components that will be more thermally conductive than the low-denisty organic binder.

I do not think that you will be able to "enhance" thermal conductivity beyond that of the uncoated metal tube.

Jeff Hagerlin
paint supplier - Houston, Texas


It was interesting to see your site about heat conducting powder coating capbility. We are in the manufature and design of power supplies we look for thermally conductive powder caoting.
I want to kanow whether the material you suggest is UL approved.
Can you tell me the name of the manufacturer so that we can check though the catlog and produce it as a proof to the UL authorities.

Deodhar Electro Design Ltd.

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